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Global Cash&Carry

Cash & Carry

For over 10 years we have been active in Romania (Buzau) with delivery including to England or other European countries. We focus on consumer needs, constantly analyze the market and bring quality at an affordable price

We support local or national resellers.
We have a department dedicated to HORECA or RESELLER customers
constant collaborations

New brands in the portfolio, carefully selected

Global Cash & Carry carefully selects collaborators and promotes small / medium companies that want to develop on the market. We provide a large and well-known supermarket in Buzau, but also our ability to distribute products in stores throughout the country, UK or countries in the European Union where we have coverage.

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marketed brands
"At Global Cash & Carry we emphasize the respect offered and fairness to the customer."
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Salty, perfect for any party / event

Open collaborations

How does the collaboration work?

We are followers of a transparent and client-oriented collaboration. GlobalRomania is a company oriented towards resellers (HORECA), constantly supporting the demand for products.
You contact us online or by phone

You tell us who you are and what product you are interested in, respectively a monthly flow of products / product categories. In this way, we can offer you a personalized price.

We inform you of the availability and cost of the products

We check the stock in the store and tell you if we have the desired product available, along with its cost or delivery cost.

Pick up products from our supermarket

We will let you know when we have all the products ready for pickup. We have a large team, so the waiting time will be reduced. 

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A small part of customer opinions

Real Reviews, from Google My Business.

p. daniel
p. daniel
Everything for everyone!
Radu Muraru
Radu Muraru
Many products, for all tastes and finances! Unfortunately, the parking lot is still blocked by a construction that is not finished!
Tecuceanu valeriu Tecuceanu valeriu
Tecuceanu Valeriu Tecuceanu Valeriu
Wide range of products, Parking!
danut sandu
given sandu
It seemed very expensive to me

**Recommended Brands**

Preparations for Easter!
Discover the Easter catalog. We are waiting for you at Global Cash & Carry to buy the much-loved products.